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Green Experts, it’s…

Green Experts is also a team of professional technicians who are specialized in lawn treatment and are accredited by the Government of Québec. In addition to this certification, they are continually learning about the horticulture industry and attend an intensive one-week training program on an annual basis.

Our technicians always have a smile on their faces and are meticulous about their work. They can answer any questions you may have, at any time. Do you have questions or concerns about the treatments we offer? Just ask!

  • Since 2002, we stand out with healthy and dense green lawns.
  • Personalized, dependable service and unparalleled results in the industry
  • A team of trained, experienced specialists who put their customers first
  • The use of products that are authorized by city regulations
  • Proven methods that are focused on sustainable results
  • Sound advice and tips that are adapted to your current needs
  • Solutions that improve and maintain the quality of your lawn while preventing deterioration

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Free Lawn Inspection At each visit

Free Reapplications on Ordered Services

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April-MayControlled released granular fertilizer May-JuneFirst weed control July-AugustSecond weed control August-SeptemberControlled released granular fertilizer
+ third weed controls
Also included The chinch bug if necessary




Naturally repel invaders

With proper treatment, maintenance and fertilization, throughout the seasons, your lawn will be fortified from root to tip. Your soil will be rich in nutrients and this balanced environment will naturally repel any pests or unwanted growth...even those of the neighbours!

Our 7-month WOW maintenance and inspection program (April through October) detects problems and deficiencies as soon as the snow melts. We proceed to implement effective solutions and put a stop to them quickly.

Green Experts even offers to apply additional treatments at no extra cost if we do not achieve the desired results. Be our eyes between visits and let us know!

Colour is an
indication of health

A lawn that is deep green in colour will definitely make it the envy of the neighbourhood (and a great source of pride for you). But more importantly, a lush lawn that is green indicates that it is in good health, well aerated and free of unwanted pests including white grubs, sod webworm, chinch bugs and harmful surface insects.

No more weeds or pests

Weeds, fungi and patches of parched grass are some of the clues that could indicate that your lawn is in bad shape.

An inspection and comprehensive analysis of your land will help us put a stop to any unwanted pests. When left untreated, pests will spread and the condition of your lawn will be noticeably unhealthy.


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