Did you know that, as you do, your lawn needs to breath ? For a thick and green lawn it is necessary to aerate it once to twice a year.

Indeed, lawn aeration fosters water, oxygen and fertilizer penetration to the roots, for a healthy and more resistant lawn.

Lawn aeration, what is it ?

Lawn aeration involves puncturing holes on your lawn. The mechanical removal of small, 2 inches long plugs of soil is performed using a Ryan Lawnair type aerator which can puncture  a minimum of 10 holes per square foot.

Why do I have to aerate my lawn ?

Lawn aeration allows water and nutrients to better penetrate the soil in order that fertilizer can get down to the roots. It reduces turf thatch (debris of dead leaves and grass that are found between the grass and the roots) to allow your lawn to breath. Aeration also helps you to decompress your soil in order to allow air, water and even our products to better get down to the roots, which will make your lawn greener, thicker and healthier.

When and how should I aerate my lawn ?

It is better to proceed to lawn aeration at least once a year, ideally twice. Choose to do it in spring, when roots are growing and also during autumn in order to get your fertilizer to be well absorbed by the ground.

Make sure the ground is wet but not too water-soaked in order to ease your soil core growth. Also make sure to control weeds prior to proceed to lawn aeration in order to avoid a weed invasion. Finally, it is better to mow your lawn before aeration.

Why calling an expert ?

For your peace of mind! Calling Experts Verts for your lawn aeration it’s making sure to get the best results and not to worry about the health of your lawn. Our experts take care of it in order to get its beauty back, using the best methods along with the best products for a green and thick lawn.

Don’t worry, we take care of everything! Just enjoy your yard!


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