Ants Control

As spring returns, you might have noticed that some strange guests sought refuge in your house ? Indeed, you’ve noticed that a ant colony has suddenly invaded your kitchen and is now attacking your pantry and wheat pots.

If ants are not dangerous for your health and that nests will not cause damages to your lawn, controlling ants can help you avoid many inconveniences. Thus, before being invaded by a crowd of ants, take the control right now.

Ants : who are they and what do they do ?

Ants are small insects, usually brown, black or tile, who live in well-organised society and who make their nest in lawns or under the tile. Their nests look like little piles of sand that we find at the end of spring and that stay until the end of September.

You’ll find ants in dry and wet areas, where they set up their nests. We can also find them in roots or under tree barks. A colony of ants can have up to 500 000 members and severals queens.

When ants attack your house, they will probably come after your kitchen. They are looking for food to feed their colony and are attracted to sweet things. Hence, they’ll be more likely to be around your pantry and all the places they can access where there is food.

If you see them travel in a single file, it’s a sign of infestation. Thus, if you follow their back and forwards, you’ll be led to their nest.

How to get rid of ants in your garden ?

Don’t let ants invade your land! Act quickly and call a professional! At Experts Verts, we use the best products on the market to get rid of them.

Our experts know how to locate their nests and use our products which act as repellants, on the contour of your house, your pool, your gazebo and on the big nests outside the house. Our products are used by our skilled technicians, to guarantee security and peace.

Don’t forget to never let any food accessible to ants and make sure to remove all the house internal access.


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