Crabgrass Control

You’ve noticed recently that some light green grass emerged on your lawn ? Be careful, it might be the beginning of a crabgrass infestation.

This plant, considered as a threat for your lawn, can grow up very fast and cover your lawn in no time.

What is a crabgrass ?

Frequently associated to quackgrass, the crabgrass is a graminae that is considered as undesirable as it grows and spread out on nice lawns. It tends to appear alongside the pavement and then spread on your lawn.

This plant looks like light green grass and grows every spring. You can recognize it thanks to its different colors. Indeed, it changes colors and goes from light green to mauve by the end of summer, which allows you to identify it.

In fall, the crabgrass spread its seeds in the ground prior to die. These seeds will sprout at the following spring.

Why to get rid of it ?

Well-known to be an invader of garden, this intrusive grass grows very fast and attacks your lawn. Robust, it demonstrates a strong resistance to bad weather.

Even though the crabgrass is not considered as weed, it is important not to let it invade your land. If the temperature is 20 degrees or higher and that there is humidity in the air, the crabgrass will grow very quickly.

It produces many seeds and multiplies each year. If you let it grow, it will stifle your lawn.

What’s the secret to prevent its apparition ? To keep your lawn very dense in order to make its implantation and its growth difficult. Also, make sure not to mow your lawn too short.

Which treatment to get rid of it ?

As the crabgrass is not considered as a weed, don’t waste your time to try to erase it with traditional weed control products. Actually, these products won’t be able to work against it and will even tend to damage your grass.

Getting rid of the crabgrass is not always a piece of cake. Thus, in order to avoid having to pull weeds away and to sow seeds again, it is recommended to call professionals. At Experts Verts, our specialists operate in order to keep this plant away from your lawn.

They use their expertise and knowledge to give your lawn back its original appearance, for a dense and healthy grass. Our technicians will also give you the best advices and tips in order to reduce the risk of having the crabgrass back.


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