Would you like a green, thick and healthy grass that gives value to your lawn and your house ? Maintaining your lawn is essential if you want to have green healthy grass and to enjoy your lawn as soon as the sun shows up. Fertilization is part of the essentials steps for efficient maintenance.

Why do you have to fertilize your lawn ?

As you know, a lawn requires maintenance in order to keep its original appearance and to grow properly. Fertilization is necessary to help your grass grow quick and healthy. At the end of each winter, your lawn is weakened due to snow-removal, cold, hail… Thus, your soil needs nutrients to get stronger. The products used during fertilization aim to bring the essentials nutrients for the season. Also, as your grass gets thicker, it has a better chance to resist weeds.

When should you fertilize your lawn ?

Your lawn has to be fertilized in spring and in autumn. It is important to fertilize your lawn before it rains, which will allow the fertilizer to get down to the roots. It is also recommended to water your lawn after you fertilize.

Call experts for your fertilization

To choose the best fertilizer and to maximize its efficiency, you can trust Experts Verts. Our specialists will give you the best advices according to your needs and will make your garden look great again. Thanks to their skill and expertise, they will fertilize your lawn prior to strengthen it and to give it all the nutrients it needs to grow.

We only use the best fertilizer on the market, our granular fertilizers release nitrogen in a controlled manner, so that the lawn is green and well fed throughout the season. Experts Verts will make your lawn greener, thicker and healthier with their slow released granular fertilizer with iron.


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