Lime Application

You’ve noticed that some plants have emerged on your lawn such as moss, heather, sorrel ? This is a sign that your ground has a high rate of acidity, which means it lacks of nutrients and can delay the growth of your lawn.

Why should you applicate lime on your lawn ?

The potential of hydrogen of your lawn is a good indicator which will allow you to know if you need to put lime on your grass. If your potential of hydrogen is under 6, it means you have to. Lime will reduce the acidity of your ground and will add some magnesium, essential for a greener grass.

It adjusts the potential of hydrogen of the ground to increase the production of nutrients for the lawn, nitrogen fixation and pollutant deduction. Thus, it will strengthen your lawn, making it more resistant to drought and potential illnesses. Lime will also increase the efficiency of fertilizers application for a healthy, denser and greener lawn.

When should I do the application ?

The lime takes a certain time to be dissolved in the ground, this is why it has to be spread at specific times. Most of the time, the application takes place at the end of the fall. The ground will absorb the lime and adapt the acidity rate before spring come. However, it is possible to do the application at the beginning of spring. But keep in mind that it will take 2 to 3 months to be efficient.

How to applicate the lime ?

The application requires attention. Indeed, if it is spread in too big quantities, it risks to burn your plants roots. To make sure the lime will be well dissolved on your lawn, request the help of our certified technicians. They use good quality products and know the best techniques to make your grass healthy again.

To maintain a good acidity rate for your ground and avoid the moss, spread lime on your lawn at least once a year.


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