Why should I seed my lawn ?

Every year your lawn is faced with extreme weather conditions, insects, diseases… so there are many things that can weaken and damage it. Thus, it is important to think about seeding your lawn to make it thicker and stronger.

It is recommended to reseed your yard every year to replace dead patches in your lawn due to damage from winter, insects, drought or other problems. It is important to promote biodiversity in your lawn and to always keep it as thick as possible to avoid weed infestation.

Application of seeds, how to do it ?

Experts Verts suggests seeding your entire lawn with Experts Verts seed. Our seed mixes are exclusive to Experts Verts and will ensure a green and thick lawn. Our seeds offer an excellent resistance to disease, insects and drought. It results in a dark green, thick and healthy lawn and the products contain certified quality ingredients adapted to our climate.

The best time to seed your lawn is ideally in spring or in autumn. It is recommended to seed at these times as humidity and air and soil temperature are good for seeding. For even better results, you can do your seeding in combination with aeration.

If you have some questions or you need advices regarding the application of seeds for your lawn, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be pleased to help you.


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