Sod webworm control

You’ve noticed that your lawn recently turned yellow and that your grass tears off easily ? You might have to deal with a sod webworm infestation.

The Sod Webworm : What damage does it do ?

As an adult, the sod webworm is a harmless small beige butterfly that flies away when we disturb it while mowing the lawn or walking in the grass. We often see these butterflies in June, when they lay eggs on your lawn.

However, in its larval stage, the sod webworm can cause extensive damage to your lawn. The larva is beige and brown, with lines on its back. It can measure up to 2 inches long and can be found in turf thatch. The larva feed on grass blades and stems which can lead to the death of your lawn and make them devastating pest that must not be overlooked.

We usually see the damage at the beginning of September. Immediately after birth, the larva will attack your lawn. If you find some on your lawn, act quickly before they do any damage to your grass.

How to get rid of them ?

It is necessary to act quickly if you detect their presence. If you do nothing, your lawn could be completely destroyed by the end of the season.

Thus, if the sod webworm has already set up in your lawn, call a professional. Trust Experts Verts! Our technicians are able to detect them and know the best methods to get rid of them. They are highly skilled specialists who know how to use products safely.

Actually, our products are applied by our technicians who are certified in pest management and are trained to stop the infestation. They know the most efficient methods to control sod webworm. Thus, they use their knowledge and their expertise in order to get rid of them and to maximize your comfort and peace of mind.


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