Weed control

Clovers, dandelions, plantains… your beautiful lawn is now infested by weeds that stop your grass from growing properly and damage your lawn ? Don’t let them settle down! If you want a green, thick and healthy lawn, you have to get rid of them quickly before they mature and spread.

What is a weed and why is it bad for my lawn ?

A weed is a plant that is unwanted in a particular area such as dandelions, clovers, plantains and other.

Weed seeds are usually found in your lawn due to the wind or animals. Having said this, some factors indicate that some lawns are more likely to be attacked by weed. Indeed, if your lawn is poorly drained, lacks of nutrients, is too dry, in the shadow, etc., it has higher chances to promote weeds.

Weeding usually occurs in spring, when weeds are still green and growing. It is at this time that the treatment will be the most efficient. To avoid weed growth, don’t forget to regularly mow your lawn.

How to get rid of them?

Pulling weeds out won’t get rid of them. If you do nothing to control it, weeds will multiply.

To get rid of weeds, it is necessary to identify them as they all have different characteristics and need specific treatments.

If you want a quick and efficient treatment, request help from experts to get rid of weeds. Trust Experts Verts! Our technicians know the best methods to control it. Thus, you can trust their expertise and professionalism that guarantee you to get a thick and healthy lawn.

For this treatment, our experts use our products that control more than 50 kinds of broadleaf weeds. We only use the best products on the market that are approved and permitted in your city. We guarantee a reduction of more than 90% of your weeds, allowing the lawn to expand, which in turn will leave less room for weed to grow. We will carry out a minimum of three applications of weed control products during the season.

If you have any question you can count on your technician for support. He or she will be pleased to inform you about the different methods to reduce weeds on your lawn.


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